Places to visit & things to do

To make your stay an unforgettable experience in Puglia, we have selected places and activities for you. From the beaches to the gastronomy, through culture and art. Let yourself be guided.

Our 5 most beautiful beaches in Apulia

With 800 kilometers of coastline, Apulia is one of the Italian regions of choice for summer holidays thanks to an offer that is adapted to all tastes. The wide expanses of fine sand or coves with crystalline water hidden in the rocks make it difficult to remain insensitive to the beauty of the Apulian beaches. We suggest a route that will allow you to visit some of the most beautiful beaches of Puglia. We have identified 5 in particular, our 5 most beautiful beaches in Puglia.

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Our 5 ``must eat`` recipes from Puglia

Puglia has a rich tradition in gastronomy. The cuisine is mainly based on extra virgin olive oil of the “coratina” variety, Publia’s traditional olive variety (the same as the millenary olive trees), used both as a seasoning for the famous Friselle (the Apulian cultivar par excellence), and as a base for sauces. The recipes are simple and enhance the authenticity of local ingredients. We offer you a gastronomic journey through the Apulian tradition, for which the one and only adjective to use is “solar cuisine”.

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Our 5 most beautiful cathedrals in Puglia.

Between cathedrals that overlook the sea, cathedrals perched on their rock, or the work of a world-famous architect, we’ve prepared an itinerary of 5 cathedrals in Puglia that absolutely deserve a visit.

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Contemporary art in Puglia

Puglia is a region rich in history and ancient monuments, but even contemporary art has found fertile ground in which to take root. Festivals and exhibitions dedicated to great artists are held throughout the region. There are also galleries and museums dedicated to contemporary art, some of which are renowned abroad. Of interest also, are the works of a number of artists from Puglia, whose significance was first recognised outside of Italy.

The route that we propose starts in the north of Puglia and reaches the far south, stopping in the centre, in the contemporary art museum dedicated to the great Apulian artist: Pino Pascali.

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