Yoga, Ayurveda and Holistic Itinerary
in collaboration with
Stefania Mastruzzo


Stefania Mastruzzo teaches Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. She is also a nutritional coach and follows the Ayurveda medicine principles. She also offers regressive hypnosis sessions and is also a facilitator of new paradigm MDT energies offering individual sessions and seminars.

Personalized yoga classes that meet the requirements and needs of guests. The course can be done in your room or outdoors, under the secular olive trees, or any other suggestive/enchanting corner of the Masseria.

You can choose between different styles of yoga, or let the teacher advise you.

Hatha Yoga Classic,  for an active and complete practice. This course also includes a pranayama (breathing exercise that calms the mind and frees emotions) and Yoga Nidra, (conscious sleep, for a total relaxation of senses, body and spirit)
Yin Yoga, Slow P deceptiveness that allows to act on the deep connective tissues, to feel the movement in non-motion and the flow of energy through the body.
Yoga Nidra. Conscious sleep yoga, fora total relaxation of senses, body and spirit.

Pranayama, breathing exercise that calms the mind and frees the emotions, guided or silent meditation

Yoga classes have a minimum duration of 90 minutes and may include, on request:


35€ per person
60€ per 2 persons

75€ per 3 persons
20€ per person up to 4 persons

Duration: 90  minutes


Abhyanga – Ayurvedic Massage.
It’ss a massage borned in India about 3000 years ago as a technique of Ayurvedic medicine. It’s performed all over the body with plenty of oil and its main purpose is the good circulation of vital fluids to keep body and mind healthy, rebalance the energy centers of the body and produce a general sense of well-being at psychophysical level.

60 minutes 60€

90 minutes 90€

Shiro Abhyanga – Head Massage
Traditional Ayurvedic massage performed in a seated position. Starting from the head and continuing towards the neck and shoulders, this particular massage balances energies and pacifies the mind, while at the physical level it eases tensions and induces a deep state of well-being and relaxation. It helps to prevent headaches, eases muscle tension, improves sleep quality and lowers stress levels.

50 minutes 50€

Draining Massage
Promotes lymphatic circulation, problems of heavy legs, water retention, edema, problems with blood circulation and fatigue.

60 minutes 60€

Thai Foot Massage – Thai massage of feet and legs.
It stimulates the elimination of toxins from the feet and the body in general, improves lymphatic and blood circulation, normalizes the functions of organs and glands by regulating their activity, improves body posture and promotes deep relaxation.

60 minutes 60€

Foot Massage
A combination of Ayurvedic, reflexology and metamorphic techniques for a unique foot massage that will have an effect of great well-being for the whole body and mind.

40 minutes 40€

Holistic Itinerary

The sensitivity of Stefania Mastruzzo, our holistic therapist will guide you and accompany you on an internal holistic journey, to the rhythm of the seasons, for a deep link with the surrounding nature and regain balance and the harmony of your body and mind:

Program suggestion

The program will be fully customized according to the needs and duration of the stay. We offer a prior interview with the therapist before your arrival at the Masseria.


Test Ayurvedic

To discover his personal dosha, to be done from the first day

Morning Ayurvedic routine:
Mouth and tooth cleaning, sesame oil rinse.
Warm ginger and lemon beverage
Anointing and warm shower
Breakfast adapted to your dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)
Moment of silence

Walk in the olive grove, embracing the trees, meditation in the oil mill hypogeum, relaxing moment sitting in the shade of the millenary olive trees.

Nutrition Lesson (optional)

How and what to eat. Biorhythm of the digestive system, combination food. Food to avoid, balanced meal model, mini depurative diet, mini fast.

Lunch at the Masseria (optional), or suggestions for lunch (in case of an outside lunch)


Body therapy to choose between:
Ayurvedic massage Abhyangam whole body; back and legs; head and neck
Re-birth metamorphic massage
Shamballa energy healing
Yoga and Yoga Nidra
Guided meditation
Music or song of mantras, the sounds that heal
Light diner

180€ per person/day

2 yoga classes
1 massage
Nutrition lesson
1 ayurvedic kit
Ayurvedic infusion
Meals are not included

330€ for 2 persons/day without meal

2 yoga classes
1 massage per person
Nutrition lesson
2 ayurvedic kit
Ayurvedic infusion
Meals are not included